Parkour Next BIg Thing

            Parkour is a military obstacle training course. You mainly jump in everything you do. You have to jump over walls, fences, do flips over things, and run while all in the process.People mostly do this for fun, but there are high risks with this task. These people rarely wear anything to protect their bodies they just go as they please.

  Parkour is the next big thing. You might have heard of crossfit but this is even more intense. Parkour was found by David Belle and more in the 1980’s and became popular in 2000’s. It’s making an even more comeback with YouTube, twitter, and Facebook.

Here is a video of Parkour.


            Parkour started in France, and was broadcasted on a France program so it is new to us Americans. This task started to get around to us because of YouTube with the videos of people showing us their talent.

    With web 2.0 you can search anything just like this topic. The web can help you find anything in just a matter of time, and all it takes is a click of a button. If you are not for sure you can even use keywords. The web is always expanding with new and better things it is a non-stop process it will not stop expanding. This will help the world with a lot. It will make it easier for the world to function.


Media Today

                                                                                                                                                                                           Briana McRAE

  In this article a mother of three children is giving her opinion. This mother states that every school list should include a computer. I believe this is false because most young children should not depend on digital devices to learn or to have fun. I believe most children should use flash cards, hook on phonics, learning games and etc. To enjoy themselves they do not have to use an IPad, IPod, or any kind of tablet. Children can play outside, make friends around the neighborhood and enjoy the outdoors. This will also help with the risk of health for the children it will get them more active.

            I agree with giving children smart phones because it does help for parents to find their children, but what will happen if the child phone gets stolen? Then the parent cannot contact their child. Mostly this is not the case, but can be a major problem. If I was a parent I wouldn’t buy an all out expensive phone for my child because that is getting your child addicted to technology at an early age. Also some parents may connect their credit card up to the iTunes store and this can be a major problem. Children can just start running up a bill and purchasing things you do not know about.  

                 I believe digital devices should not be used by young children. Children will get addicted to early and will not how to survive without them. This will be a bad learning experience for them and will be hard for them to do things on their own if they didn’t exist.


                In this article they say media coverage gives business benefits. I disagree with this because if a customer has a bad experience they will leave a bad comment on the business site and a lot of people do look at comments on products and reviews. Most people don’t have a bad experience but it’s just thought of what if?

                They also mention most American have a digital device in their household. I agree with this statement and most Americas buy more and more as they come out with better and improved versions of the product.  The main question is how much do most American’s spend on these products? These products are not cheap and take awhile to go down in price.

 I agree with most of this article because most Americans do have digital devices and benefits most people in hard times.